Our Vision is that BRH is a partnership-based integrated health service HUB – the one stop source of excellent, equitable, collaborative patient centred care across our rural district.

BRH continually demonstrates a strong patient focus and commitment to high level of accessible care, outside the box thinking, and exceptional leadership in Ontario.

Our ultimate objective is to have a measureable impact on improved community health by fulfilling our Mission.



Our Mission is to provide the Right care, in the Right place, by the Right person, at the Right Time.


Core Values

  • Trust and respect – We value the strong sense of community trust and respect that strengthens our care. This is the basis of our professionalism, our acceptance of diversity, our level of compassion, our dignified care and our patient-focus.
  • Working together – BRH stands by the belief that a collaborative team approach to providing efficient, effective care is the backbone to great patient outcomes
  • Courage and resourcefulness – The staff of BRH is open minded, adaptable and resourceful, always embracing change, and committed to working courageously to find a way to provide better patient care.


Key Success Factors

  • Exceptional communication to patients and for patients – BRH staff are known for their ability to be inclusive of family and patient in the planning of patient care. We have always understood that clear, transparent and attentive  communication is vital in setting expectations and goals, ensuring patient empowerment, and creating the best patient experience.
  • Accessibility – We see accessibility in two ways; first in terms of the geographical proximity to care, and second, as an aspect of our day-today practices which include the accessibility of the way we speak to our diverse populations, our responsiveness to community needs, the systems that support the care of our patients.
  • Partnerships in care transitions and continuity – BRH has invested in community partnerships, which has led to our strong referral networks, our effective transitions and our timely and well-coordinated care.

Kirkland and District Hospital
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Englehart and District Hospital
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