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Sean Conroy

Interim President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer



Monika Schallenberger

Chief Nursing Officer

Monika graduated from Northern College School of Nursing as a Registered Nurse. Since that time Monika has worked at the Kirkland and District Hospital for over thirty years in various nursing departments. Monika began her nursing career in Pediatrics at KDH, moving to Intensive Care for many years and then Resource Nurse on the Medical Surgical Department. In 2010 Monika accepted a position as Manager Patient Services. Currently Monika is VP Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer of Kirkland and District Hospital and Englehart and District Hospital. Monika is pleased to be a part of the integration of both EDH and KDH. With years of experience in a Northern Ontario hospital setting, Monika welcomes the integration model with a focus on excellence in patient care in all clinical areas across both hospitals.

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