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Our Vision, Mission and Values

We envision Blanche River Health as an established leader in northern rural health care and we achieve this through our Mission Making healthcare work for you.

BRH also values People and Continuous Improvement. We demonstrate this through our ARC Values:


  • We are mindful of our biases and prejudices that may impact how we respond to people;
  • We communicate timely, using multiple strategies, making sure people are aware of what is going on that may affect their work;
  • We observe privacy and confidentiality at all times, not participating in conversations that malign another person’s character, or passing on hearsays;
  • We are responsive to people’s needs to the best of our abilities;
  • We own our words, actions, decisions, and the role that we play in every circumstance;
  • We make sure we do what we say we will do, we “close the loop” on what we committed to do;
  • We acknowledge when we make mistakes
  • We engage appropriate individuals / groups when initiating projects, implementing changes, and when resolving issues;
  • We ensure that decisions are made based on strong ethical guidelines and rooted in equity and fairness;
  • We finish what we started;


  • We actively listen to what matters to our patients, our employees, our partners and communities. We listen with an open mind;
  • We are respectful at all times in our words and in our actions;
  • We make sure that people actively participate in their own care decisions understanding that there should be “Nothing About Me Without Me”;
  • We are inclusive, consulting timely, and actively seeking feedback on changes and decisions that impact our people;
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated;
  • We communicate with our audience in mind, avoiding acronyms and jargons, and we communicate to understand not just to be understood;
  • We value people’s strengths, recognizing that every individual has inherent worth and dignity;
  • We share our “why” – our reasons for our decisions and actions as appropriate;
  • We respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner;
  • We treat patients and families as units and not separate entities from each other;

 Courage to Excel

  • We learn from our mistakes. We continue to reflect on our words and actions towards self-improvement.
  • We actively contribute to a people-centered culture – creating processes that serve people instead of people serving processes;
  • We actively address barriers that are not supporting our values;
  • We tirelessly invest on people’s growth and success;
  • We actively seek and create opportunities for people to learn and thrive;
  • We actively contribute to better team relationships;
  • We provide timely feedback with the intent of giving the other person the opportunity to improve;
  • We are open to receiving constructive feedback as opportunities to learn from;
  • We encourage ways to generate fearless ideas for quality improvement and excellent patient care;
  • We use best practice guidelines in managing projects and changes, being mindful of impact to staff’s day to day work;
  • We sustain strong partnerships through trust-based collaboration and effective communication;
  • We measure our progress and using data and standard processes to make decisions;
  • We invest in new equipment, technology, and infrastructure;
  • We conduct regular audits, using data and results for quality improvement;
  • We practice flexibility, adapting to changes, understanding the reason for the changes, and actively participating in the process;
  • We learn from our past, focusing on moving us forward;
  • We are not scared to change directions when evidence shows better outcomes with the change;
  • We never give up on pursuing excellence in everything that we do.

 Our Strategic Pillars are

  • System Integration

BRH believes that each organization has strength and capacity to provide excellent services and by working together, actively removing barriers, we can respond to people’s holistic needs timely, we can prevent people needing help falling through the cracks, and we can uphold a world-class healthcare system for all.

  • People Centered-Care

BRH believes that the system should work for the people and not the people trying to figure out how to navigate the complex system. We see individuals as a whole person, with worth and dignity, and are deserving of the best care possible at the right place, the right time, the right provider, and as close to home as possible.

  • Infrastructure

In order to provide the best care possible, BRH believes in having the right infrastructure to support the work that we do - physical, technological, data, equipment, and processes. We believe in proactive maintenance and advocacy to maintain the resources that are needed to provide the best care possible.

  • Health and Human Resources

The backbone of our services is our people. Our employees, our leaders, our physicians, our partners, our volunteers. Our people’s welfare is our priority. BRH believes in fair and equitable treatment, in providing a safe and welcoming work environment where people thrive and pursue continuous growth, and where people are valued.

  • Communication

The heart of what we do is dependent on the quality of our communication, BRH believes in timely, responsive, transparent, and clear communication as the vehicle to get our work done and to serve effectively. BRH is committed to ongoing improvement and to ensuring that our people, our community members, our partners, are well-informed and proactively engaged with our organization.

  • Fiscal Accountability

BRH believes in managing our resources effectively so we can continue to provide excellent services, we can continue to think outside the box, and we can continue to invest in the future of healthcare in our communities.








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