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Learn about our visiting hours, responsibilities and how to find a patient.

Blanche River Health (BRH) recognizes the important role family and friends play during a patient’s hospital stay.  BRH is responsible to ensure the safety of all patients, staff, physicians and visitors while acknowledging that visiting and essential care giving efforts are vital to the overall physical, emotional and psychological well-being of individuals who are required to be in hospital for a period of time.

BRH supports Essential care giver visitation for inpatient visits as folows:

1)  All inpatient (acute, long stay patients, palliative care patients etc.) - Two (2) essential care givers during visiting hours.

2)  Children - unlimited visits for Two (2) parents/care givers for each admitted child.  Child is considered birth to 18 years of age.

3) End of Life - unlimited visits for Two (2) essential care givers at a time- immediate family members e.g., spouse or children (may have more than two family members identified).

4)  Critically ill or sudden decline in status - Two (2) essential care givers for critically ill patient or patient with a sudden decline in status.

Our visiting hours are daily from 1pm to 6 pm.

An essential care giver is someone who provides direct care to the patient in an effort to improve or maintain physical, emotional and psychological well-being and assist with transitions of care. (e.g. supporting, feeding, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation, communication, meaningful connection, relational continuity and assistance in decision-making).

 Please see below for our revised COVID Visitor policy information.

Upon your arrival at one of our sites, please visit Central Registry.

Visitors will be required to sign in at the start of their visit, and sign out at the end of each visit in a log.

During your visit, please stay with your designated host or hospital contact.

Visitors will be required to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. mask or eye protection) when inside our facilities.

No smoking is permitted anywhere inside our facilities, and only in designated areas outside of our facilities.


  • Observe the visiting hours for the area you are visiting;
  • Respect our patients’ right to privacy and leave the patient room or care area when requested by hospital staff;
  • Be considerate of the rights of other patients and our staff by treating them with courtesy and respect;
  • Do not visit if you are feeling unwell.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Blanche River Health has amended its standard visiting policies.  With the increase in COVID cases in our district, we are decreasing our visitors for now as follows:

Our inpatients are to identify only two (2) essential caregivers at the same time daily during visiting hours, which have been amended to 1:00 to 6:00 PM. 

Children and adolescents, up to 18 years of age, may receive two parent or care givers for each child at any time.

Patients who have been designated as palliative care status or end of life care need to identify their immediate family or substitute for their immediate family members.  They can have more than 2 members identified; however only 2 can visit at a time.

Outpatients may bring one care giver with them for appointments.

We strongly recommend that visitors be fully vaccinated.

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