Mellanie Panganiban RN (left), Tara Rastogi, RN (right), Note the doorbell on the wall (far left)

The Englehart & District Hospital has completely renovated their triage area of the Emergency Department (ER).  The Triage Room is situated across from the Emergency Department Entrance.   The room boasts a large double glass door that looks out into the hallway as well as into the registration/reception area that is currently under construction.


This new triage room incorporates a new process for Englehart & District Hospital which allows the Registered Nurse (RN) to assess the patient before registration.  This process ensures the severity  of the patient is determined quickly and those that are more acute will go directly into the ER.  This process of triaging the patient first allows for timely access to the Emergency Department Physician. Those that are less acute will be directed  to the reception area, which will eventually be directly across the hall, to be registered.  The glass doors allow the RN to easily see into the waiting area to note any changes to previously triaged patients.  The Registration Department relocation across from the Emergency Department will allow for enhanced communication and efficient facilitation of patient care.

The space in the triage room has been increased with this renovation.  This improves access for all patients regardless of any assistive devices the patient may use.  There is also extra seating in order that those people accompanying the patient can be included.  The glass doors have a curtain ensuring privacy.  The glass doors are sound proofed so there is audio privacy included with the visual.  The sink ensures infection control practices are maintained.  The door bell on the wall outside of the triage room is for patients to use by ringing once to alert the Triage Nurse inside the ER that there is a patient waiting to be seen.

This is one of many changes developments at the Englehart & District Hospital to improve timely access, improve patient flow and shorten wait times as we continue to strive to always put the patient in the center of all that we do.


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