An ongoing facelift at Englehart and District Hospital is designed to “build a hospital for the future,” says CEO Gary Sims. Over the past couple of years, the hospital has made substantial repairs to its exterior.

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 Patient Experience Advisory Committee: Left to right, Monika Schallenberger, Chief Nursing Officer Englehart/Kirkland District Hospitals, Judy Gervais – Patient Advisor Kirkland Site, Helene Miller- Patient Advisor Kirkland Site, Cindy Honeyborne, Communication, Quality and Patient Safety Leader Englehart/Kirkland District Hospitals, Linda Field – Patient Advisor Englehart Site.  Absent from the photo, Diane Charbonneau Patient Advisor – Kirkland Site.


Working with our Patients!

In partnership with our patients and families, the Englehart and Kirkland District Hospitals have established a Patient Experience Advisory Committee.  The role of the Patient Experience Advisor is to ensure that patient and family centred care is provided in a fully accessible environment that promotes healing, ensures dignity and instills trust. Patient Experience Advisors contribute ideas and suggestions that will enhance patient and public involvement in health services planning and decision-making so that the community has a voice in the services and hospital policies that affect their lives.  The Patient Advisors will advise the CEO, Gary Sims, in a manner that is helpful to others in the communities to keep the patient and family as a focal point of our hospitals.


Taurie Hannigan, RPN


The nursing staff at the Englehart & District Hospital (EDH) participated in training on March 6th and March 7th learning how to use the new Plum 360 Intravenous Pump. A total of 10 new pumps have been purchased for $45,000 using donations from the local community raised by a dedicated group of sponsors and volunteer organizers who conduct the hospital’s annual fundraiser.


Mellanie Panganiban RN (left), Tara Rastogi, RN (right), Note the doorbell on the wall (far left)

The Englehart & District Hospital has completely renovated their triage area of the Emergency Department (ER).  The Triage Room is situated across from the Emergency Department Entrance.   The room boasts a large double glass door that looks out into the hallway as well as into the registration/reception area that is currently under construction.


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